Volunteer Tenancy Mentoring – Business

Business Volunteer Tenancy Mentoring

Does you business love developing new skills, changing lives and making good financial decisions?

If the answer’s ‘yes’, then here’s how your staff can get involved in nine easy steps:

  1.  Click ‘Apply Now’ below and get on board today.
  2. We’ll arrange dates to train your staff or they can fit into two-training already scheduled in your area.
  3. We’ll DBS check and interview your staff mentors too to make sure everyone is safe.
  4. We’ll carefully match your staff mentor and a mentee aged 16-25 in their local community.
  5. Your staff mentor will meet the mentee no less that fortnightly for a chat and guidance.  Maybe in a coffee shop or a library.
  6. We’ll support your staff mentor for the whole time of the match and watch their skills develop. Maybe up to a year!
  7. We’ll end the relationship formally, review and celebrate successes with your business and the staff mentor.
  8. We will share the contribution your business has made to a young person’s life!
  9. We’ll all watch your business brand develop, your culture improve and your recruitment succeed!